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Farabi Scholars

Farabi Scholars is an extracurricular program designed for high school students that would like to broaden their knowledge about the world around them. It gives a fundamental understanding of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. In addition, participants will receive online one-to-one counselling sessions about their college applications.

Program Modules

Program Dates

Program Structure


The program will hold sessions once a week, mostly on weekends, but the schedule may be subject to change for different courses based on the needs of the instructor and the participants.


Attend all sessions from the comfort of your own home. Our team will be using Zoom and Google Meet to connect with you and deliver engaging and interactive content. These platforms are trusted and widely used, providing you with a reliable and seamless virtual experience.


The online format will allow for interaction and collaboration between participants and instructors in real-time through features such as chat, voice, and video conferencing.

Course Content

The program will provide course content in various formats, such as presentations, videos, readings, and interactive activities. This content will be made available to participants through the online platform or through other means such as email.

Terms and conditions

This program offers a unique chance for students who are eager to deepen their understanding of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Our team of experienced professionals will impart their knowledge and inspire students to pursue their passions. Each student who successfully graduated from the program will receive a certificate of completion. To ensure maximum advantage from this program, it is imperative that parents carefully review the contract offer.

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